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Jamie A.K.A. Jaz

Ok, people have been telling me I need to get serious about my art and try and get my stuff out there.... So this is me giving it a go.

A brief history of me, For those who don't know, I'm a 45 year old self employed mad inventor/magician and while I hold no official qualifications, over the last 20 or so years, I've pretty much taught myself everything that has taken my interest, from magic to metallurgy and everything in between. My dream has always been to get to the stage where I can be making and doing the work I love and eventually not need to do the "food on the table stuff". I have to start somewhere, so I'm going to try to more with my videos by adding extras in the way of fact sheets, improvements to my website and just more content in general, I'd also like to get more feedback on the stuff/projects people would like to see me make and/or "can you show me how to do the __________ ." Type videos.

But.... I am asking you all to help out in any way you can and by sharing my work/videos/art around to as many people as you can, I have no idea who to talk to directly to get "noticed" and I'm hoping the wider community "out there" may get me going.

I'm Very open to suggestions if you have any thoughts.



Thanks Heaps


Jaz Creations


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